ERC Equipoise are a London based Oil and Gas reservoir evaluation firm, which is called upon by industry leading professionals in order to audit a number of matters, including satisfactory audits of the volumes of oil and gas initially in place, oil reserves at hand, the economic evaluation of oil reserves at the present day and also within the future, as well as oil and gas contingent resources and oil prospective resources.

ERC Equipoise is a firm with a solid background in the composition of independent economic models for a number of professionals – their work having dated back to the 1970s – all across the world and in a number of different scenarios including marine and land drills. Furthermore, ERC Equipoise is a company which utilizes both PSC and the country of origin’s fiscal system for the purpose of creating in-depth and comprehensive economic models.

Whether the report concerns the usage of standard petroleum evaluation techniques for something further, you’ll expect a report which combines geophysical and geological knowledge of the basin as well as the project, with assessments of land porosity and permeability distributions, as well as fluid characteristics and of course reservoir pressure. While indeed any report cannot be free of uncertainty, as of course while the science is rather exact, there is no certain way of truly knowing what prospects can come, ERC Equipoise guarantee that their reports, despite the uncertainty in measurement and interpretation of seismic data is estimated and determined, with the range of petroleum methodology adhering to the guidelines of SPE-PRMS.

The accuracy of your report takes into factor estimation of the volume of oil and gas production forecasts and therefore will make contingent resources and prospective resources known to both you, and your investors.

ERC Equipoise are a professional firm which provide a number of services to the oil and gas sector, and can assist your company with a range of services which are all part of their audits – such as log analysis, shale volume, porosity reports, as well as seismic inversion and depth conversion. When it comes to working out the value of your asset, ERC Equipoise can help you with tried and trusted figures, as well as their expert grasp on the data of your project.