Borehole logging is the activity of logging a digital or physical sample of the ground. It is often a highly technical process that may involve taking several samples using a number of specialised equipment depending on what you want you are investigating.

The process involves drilling a deep hole into the ground, before inserting a long piece of technical equipment that is able to take measurement of the soils properties. This process is often used within the oil industry where sourcing can be an extremely difficult and time-consuming process. Use of borehole logging is usually of great assistance to companies to have to invest a lot of time and expense in locating oil and other properties in the ground.

Even if oil is not found in the ground, the sample is still able to provide insight into where oil might be, nearby or not.

Calculating logs as per the results will allow consumable information and accurate results to be presented. Boreholes were used as far back as 2000 years ago, whereby basic borehole techniques were used to help find water, rather than minerals and materials.

The oil and gas industry requires accurate data to keep up with global trends and demands. That being said, the equipment that is used needs to be highly accurate in order to generate such data.

It Is possible to hire out the equipment you require so that you don’t have the costly expense of buying or even having the equipment made for you. Robertson Geologging are able to rent out their Geologging equipment as and when you require it. Furthermore, you can also hire out the necessary tools to lower your probe into, which depending on the diameter of your excavation area, could be achieved with either a standalone winch, or even on a vehicle aided piece.