This series of articles is intended to cover a training schedule at Equipoise Software’s London headquarters, centered around the depth conversion software plugin Velit for petrel depth conversion (or branded VelPAK on IHS Kingdom.)

It’s well known that Velit is industry standard when it comes to depth conversion software, and this little plug-in for Petrel certainly packs a punch. With far superior workflows, analytics, the ability to create wells from seismic velocities, genius features such as Velit DE (Data Exchange with Petrel, while leaving the Petrel Licence open as you do so!) not to mention an extensive library of standard methods, hi def volume creation, numerical optimisation, not to mention a variety of options which can actively reduce risk, it’s industry standard for a reason – and Equipoise Software routinely manage training sessions with this software at their London headquarters.

If your team has just changed to a Velit based workflow, it can be quite daunting for them to get up to speed. Of course, Velit is a plug-in, but it boasts enough power to truly change your work so you’ll want to train your team to use it to its fullest. As such, the creators of Velit, Equipoise Software, have a variety of courses which empower users to get the most out of this powerhouse of a plug-in. Tickets booked, seats taken, and you’re on the way to your Depth Conversion Training Course within Velit, and what can you expect?

On day one, you’ll start easy, with loading data from an existing model from a Petrel Project. You’ll learn how to associate interpretation to formation tops using layer definition, as well as use curve fitting methods to determine parameterised depth conversion methods. Removing residual depth errors by back interpolation to well formation tops is also covered, and you’ll finish up by getting the firm understanding of importing and calibrating stacking velocities to real well velocities for depth conversion.

Day one of an Equipoise Software training course allows you to get a firm grasp of the basics with Velit/VelPAK and will furthermore allow you to take the next days with confidence and also with an understanding. Essentially, it’s a framework for you to build upon.