depth conversion softwareLondon-based Equipoise Software released Velit some years ago, and the software has been exceedingly useful to geologists and geoscientists alike. Velit, and its IHS Kingdom version, VelPAK, is known for vastly de cluttering the process of Depth Conversion with its intuitive Wizard, which applies a series of formulas and algorithms to existing measurement data in order to rapidly and effectively form a depth conversion. Manually, a depth conversion takes a great deal longer than with the Wizard module in Velit, and also is far less accurate without the innovation that Equipoise Software have delivered with Velit’s Wizard.

The result of the innovation that Velit has brought to Depth Conversion speaks for itself – over 300 active sites across the world trust this module for their conversions. Velit is not a one-trick pony either- the software has been improved upon in incremental patches to provide an easy-to-use but extensive workflow system, which minimises the potential for error, offers faster uncertainty analysis, and a Petrel Link system which allows support of point set data, folders of polygonal faults, survey collections, and so much more – all while keeping the petrel license free.

Velit 2.0 expands upon the groundwork which has been laid by Velit, and as the modules’ first major update, the focus of the program has indeed changed.

While the Wizard function is still a staple of Velit, Velit 2.0 makes some improvements to the process of converting stacking velocities to well velocities as well as providing scaling (using calibration volumes) of seismic velocity volumes through the pre-existing HiDef tool, which has undergone extensive work in order to allow this functionality. This allows the geoscientist more choices with this module, and far more capacity to solve problems using one module.

The Wizard, of course, has undergone some additional changes. Following feedback, Equipoise Software have enabled with Wizard to retain parameters from any previously run session, allowing the geoscientist to save a great deal of time.  Following feedback, gridding is now multi-threaded, taking full advantage of the hardware you are working with and thus increasing the performance of the program.

All-in-all, Velit 2.0 looks like a fantastic addition to the Depth Conversion market, and a natural evolution of the advances the Velit Wizard and Velit Link which was brought about some years ago at Velit’s initial release.