Unitisation and Redetermination services are generally work relating to equity determination, and is interdisciplinary in nature. Field participation often involves geoscientists, engineers, administrators, lawyers, accountants and environmental specialists – and can often start out with very technical work such as determining equity shares. Unitisation and Redetermination by it’s very nature means that the process usually ends in a commercial fashion.

While the process often starts one way and ends in another, it’s obvious to state that a multitude of disciplines are usually involved and therefore Field Unitisation and Redetermination is time consuming and costly for all companies involved within the process of determining who owns what.

Therefore, it’s vitally important that you select an expert company that has a wide range of experience within Unitisation and Redetermination processes worldwide – within a multitude of geographical locations. Whether it’s advising on the process, undertaking work as part of a client team or even acting as a client team, as well as proven experience of performing as Expert Witness within matters of dispute.

ERC Equipoise are an independent company with expertise and resources, and have undertook the redetermination of varying assets since 1982. That’s well over 34 years as of 2016 in the field- as well as 6 years of working as Expert for major field redeterminations within the North Sea.

Unitisation and Redetermination offers International Oil Companies and Governments a very viable method of managing reservoirs and provides alleviation of geographical uncertainty associated with assets by allowing parties displaying an interest to revisit and redetermine interest.

In matters of Unitisation and Redetermination, an independent Company such as ERC Equipoise will be able to offer careful thought and consideration based upon the site itself in question, supplemented by over 34 years of practical experience within both Expert and clientside capacity.

Given the difficulty and potentially contentious nature of the subject matter involved, any International Oil Company would do well to appoint a specialist such as ERC Equipoise.