For your reservoir simulation or engineering project, help might be required. As such, you likely won’t want to employ a firm without the relative credentials needed in audits and simulation modelling. ERC Equipoise, or ERCE, which are based in London, UK have an excellent team in place which will ensure your project is handled well.

With their extensive hands on experience, proficiency at C02 sequestration and fracture simulation modelling know how, you can be confident that your project is in very good hands with ERC Equipoise. With expert knowhow in ECLIPSE, tNavigator and CMG among others, ERC Equipoise can work unaided and unhindered on your project, from taking tuned equations all the way through to building functional dynamic models of the results.

ERC Equipoise also go the extra mile. They know a thing or two about data, after all, and aside from using the most comprehensive PVT Modelling software packages there are (and backing this up with experienced staff which are charged with working said programs to generate and interpret lab experiments)  they have also developed a number on in-house add on solutions for multi-realisation runs and live integration between simulators and surface network models.

Put simply, you don’t get that anywhere else, but with ERC Equipoise you are, of course, hiring professionals. To date, their team has built submissions for FDP submissions and for ongoing field operations with a large variety of very different reservoir types, such as black oil simulation modelling, compositional simulation modelling, C02 sequestration modelling, multi-stacked reservoir modelling, enhanced recovery optimisation modelling, as well as multi-realisation assisted history matching for a number of high-profile clients.

Of course, these services are nothing without operation petroleum engineering support. ERCE are experts capable of continuous support to clients, throughout the life of a prospect. Whether you need assistance with design, monitoring, or even live interpretation of data, ERCE Equipoise have a good track record of well test designs, MDT planning and analysis, Design PVT sampling and lab experiments, production allocation and logging analysis.

Your project needs a professional team’s approach, so contact ERC Equipoise – you’ll easily be able to find what you need.