Oil and Gas Field Development support is an interesting field, and it can be a real boon when helping you understand your assets in a far greater capacity. From the discovery of a deposit to the first exploration and production activity, the entire life-cycle of a project is open spread over decades- and require large capital investment, making Oil & Gas Field Development support vital when it comes to truly understanding and utilising a project that will take years to finish.

A specialist in this field may help with a number of questions within the discovery, evaluation, development, production and abandonment phases, and their support is typically expected throughout the entire process. Field Development itself can be quite a broad term, as of course each and every asset is different. Static modelling, reservoir simulation, and commercial valuation are very welcome sources of help within many phases as well.

Oil and Gas Field Development Support comes in many forms, and during the initial exploration evaluation, your support team will take on a variety of tasks including subsurface evaluation- the act of identifying prospective resources to make a decision to start drilling. Appraisal Evaluation is the evaluation of seismic, well and test data in order to decide whether it is economically viable to drill more wells, develop existing ones, or abandon a site.

Within Field Development, your specialist will be able to generate field development plans with maximum hydrocarbon recovery and commerciality, as well as developing your asset and quantifying reserves. Within operations support, they will identify ongoing activity to drill infill and extension wells and adapt your operations to production response.

In addition, static models can be created and further refined with all available subsurface data in order to study uncertainty in subsurface data. FDPs will be prepared for Government submission from your data.      

But how do you choose a specialist? Look for field development support based upon their abilities to reconcile all available subsurface, wellbore and gathering systems information. Furthermore, if your specialist can offer you multiple facets of help, from full field development planning (which includes static modelling, reservoir simulation and commercial evaluation) to well test analysis and rate transient analysis to better understand well performance for facilities design, to reservoir attribute mapping, depth conversion and other geology studies to better understand the uncertainty in hydrocarbon in place sizes.

All the technical skill in the world means nothing when you don’t have any indication of what projects your development support have already completed. Look for a company which have proven experience within multiple projects, such as London-based ERC Equipoise, who have been an integral part of several successful FDP regulator and Government submissions in West, North and East Africa, the UK, South-East Asia and Australasia.