Expert witness cases can be vital for any company. It comes with many issues and many forms – whether it’s oil and gas witness testimony services or mineral ownership disputes, even to shareholder value and mineral estate tax basis resolution. The field is complex, and you’ll likely want to have the services of a company with a lot of experience within successful disputes.

In a very specialist and very niche field, there are a few companies stating that they have a wealth of experience within Oil and Gas Expert Witness testimony, but only one company is regularly called upon by E&P companies, the worldwide finance community and legal institutions, as well as Governments.

ERC Equipoise based in London have recently even received accreditation by Mexico’s Hydrocarbon National Committee (CNH) as one of a very small group of experts in reserves certification. The CNH manages Mexico’s entire data repository which contains vital information and data from seismic, gravimetric and magnetometric study within Mexico and further afield. Furthermore, the CNH keeps and preserves well cores, drill cuttings and oil samples which are deemed vital to the country’s historical and prospective hydrocarbon knowledge.

Being appointed as one of a small group of expert firms for a whole country speaks very highly of ERC Equipoise. As the UK’s leading employee owned Oil and Gas Reservoir Evaluation firm, ERC Equipoise are very used to responsibility. A very established name in the field of Oil and Gas Reserves and Resources Evaluation, a number of members of this firm are registered members within the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers (SPEE) as well. Further notes of distinction include Board membership of the SPEE and are full members of the PESGB.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a company with competence, access to the right tools to function as an effective Expert Witness with a range of experiences to draw from, ERC Equipoise of London can assist you with what you need.