dataVelit is a depth conversion software plugin for both Petrel and IHS Kingdom, and is made by London-based Equipoise Software. This amazing little plugin can vastly reduce uncertainty associated with traditional velocity models, and provides a far superior workflow which can vastly improve productivity and efficiency thanks to a truly intuitive process.

Velit DE is what geoscientists and petrophysicists which use Petrel have been crying out for years – a completely easy data exchange with Petrel which can vastly improve workflow and eliminate any possibility of loss of data between traditional data exchanges. Velit DE allows you to simply drag and drop your data from velocity models to and from Petrel and Velit as you please – eliminating long and precarious data transfers. Even better, Velit DE can be utilised to free up the Petrel licence as (and when) you wish, allowing far more collaborative work.

Velit is full of time saving tips and tricks, and one might be mistaken into thinking that this plugin dumbs down the process of depth conversion. Nothing could be further from the truth – Velit in itself is a program which is designed to be user friendly, but truly interrogates your data in order to vastly reduce uncertainty.

Equipoise Software are a company with very close ties to ERC Equipoise – a well respected British oil and gas reservoir evaluation company which has been in operation since the 1970s, and thus has knowledge and experience within the field, as well as a vast array of data from oil and gas operations worldwide, with Equipoise Software have utilised to create Velit and InSeis.

Velit as a plugin this remarkable little plugin is as powerful as it is handy, and has an array of powerful features such as analytics, the ability to create wells from seismic velocities, an extensive library which covers all standardised methods of Depth conversion for any and all projects (Including quite a few for the most obscure of prospects!) multi z depth conversion, hi-def volume creations, a workflow builder, and also numerical optimisation.

Equipoise Software’s recent release of Velit has been widely praised by the geoscience community, and over 400 sites on a worldwide scale use, and trust Velit to shave hours of their operations.