Support for the oil and gas industry in the UK is being stepped up by the Government, saving thousands of jobs and creating more work. Amber Rudd, who is the new Energy Secretary, has agreed to re-establish a parliamentary group which is aimed at helping secure these jobs in the UK fabrication industry.

The Cross Party Oil and Gas Group (CPOGG) will also be chaired by Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom and has been re-created to put pressure on the major oil companies to place orders with UK fabricators. This is following the earlier move by the Government to cut taxes for oil majors that are operating in the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS), plus the £20m investment to support new seismic surveys.

Seismic surveys are what oil and gas explorers use to produce detailed images of the various rock types and their location beneath the Earth’s surface. They use this information to determine the location and size of oil and gas reservoirs.

Although the UKCS can’t be told what to do specifically, the aim is to inform them and make them aware of their corporate social responsibility to the UK supply chain.

The oil and gas supply chain sustains 375,000 UK jobs and contributes around £35bn each year to our economy. The Oil and Gas Authority is working with the industry to support the development of a strong supply chain.

There are many other sectors that each contribute to the oil and gas industry and one of those is oil gas logging. This provides a variety of slim oilfield digital logging equipment which is designed for oil and gas and CBM methane operations. There are a number of other products and pieces of equipment used within this field, including wireline logging, winches and logging vehicles, which can be manufactured especially for use in all climatic conditions.