The field of geophysics can seem daunting with the vast range of terminology. From Geologging to Coring and Chale, here are some of the key terms along with their definitions.

Borehole logging
 A form of logging which is practiced after the excavation of a hole to help determine geological properties (see also: well logging)
Caliper logging
Used to analyse the diameter of a hole
Cased logging
Utilised infrequently, this is a return to a previously excavated area for additional info
A material found near the sea
Conrad Schlumberger
The pioneering name in innovating resistivity throughout the world
The extraction of the rock itself from the area
A highly-desired mineral
Density logging
The process of constantly radiating a large area to help understand its properties
Making a hole usually with a tool that rotates in a circular motion
Electrical logs
A  form of logging which uses conductivity to determine possible masses of ore
Gamma ray logging
The utilisation of radiation to determine a mass below-ground; needs to be in close proximity
A matter that can be release after extensive logging

Geologging is a blanket term for logging below the Earth’s surface

Gas logging

The process of determining gas in a subject area

Image log

Measures the acoustic impedance of a borehole wall


The best way of finding out the properties of underground materials


Found underground, these are potentially the most desirable materials on our planet


The research of mud by sending test data down before collating it and returning it to the surface

Nuclear magnetic resonance

Highly-advanced, this analyses the integrity of boreholes


Precious material that is common below the surface of mineral beds

Open-hole logging

Typically performed on a well before it is established as a man-made structure


The extent of pores present in rocks

Porosity logs

Process of determining porosity in a subject


A highly sought after mineral found after logging


The process of determining how reactive a mineral is to electricity


The study of the potential of earthquakes

Slimhole logging

The process of logging in a compacted area

Sonic logging

Measures depth of a hole by how long a sound wave takes to reach its destination

Well Logging

Well Logging is one of the most popular techniques, this is used to analyse the capacity of a well and its properties

Wireline logging

Cabling that is lowered into a well to intervene in certain cases

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