There’s quite a buzz in the geoscience world around Velit 1.9– a handy little plug-in which is rumoured to reach IHS Kingdom shortly, as well as already being an existing Module for Petrel based systems. We get to grips with this little module and we observe just how much of the buzz about this depth conversion software for the oil and gas industry is buzz, and how much of it is grounded, logical observations.

Initially, we had a slight misgiving about Velit. The heart of this module appears to be the creators – Equipoise Software which are linked to the respected and highly notable ERC Equipoise.

Essentially, it appears the close relationship between the two companies allows Equipoise Software to use ERCE’s data from 50 sites across the world and the experience of their partnerships with other companies in order to make good on Equipoise Software’s claim of Velit having a number of extensive libraries in order to assist with conversions.

The second claim Equipoise Software have about Velit is that it is more accurate than Petrel or IHS Kingdom. This originally struck us as quite a dubious claim; and without investigation, we thought that this would likely be Velit’s undoing. We were wrong. Velit, objectively is much more accurate than most plugins and modules out there, and it’s mostly because of simplicity and the array of libraries offered. These libraries offer a series of solutions to a problem, and far more accurate results can be gleaned from getting in there and trying.

Velit 1.9 appears to focus on uncertainty involved with Depth Conversion, and as such 1.9 contains a large amount of enhancements we didn’t expect. Essentially, the best depth conversion techniques and uncertainty analysis can be ascertained in a much quicker fashion than even 1.7 – and as for speed, Velit is probably the quickest module out there as of 2017.

Essentially, believe the hype. Velit is a rather impressive program, that deserves every one of it’s accolades.