depth conversionWhen it comes to depth conversion, it is well established that the final result is obtained via multiple means, and that there is quite a lot of discussion in geophysics circles of which way in particular is best. Generally it is considered that simplicity is overall the best way due to the high margins of error in the Depth Conversion process- and the pros and cons to each respective technique, when compared to simplicity, are utterly subjective.

Essentially, Depth Conversion is a process which is fraught with uncertainty, and anything which can be acquired to simplify the process therefore lessens the amount of variables and the amount of error. Velit (or VelPAK as bundled with Kingdom) is an excellent way to achieve simplification in your depth conversion, without the process sparing any features.

The Company behind InSeis – London Based Equipoise Software – benefit from the data sets of their sister company ERCE – have developed powerful algorithms which are exclusive to the Velit Depth Conversion Suite / VelPAK. These allow your data to be fully interrogated and give you a far greater perspective on your depth conversion – with potential uncertainty all but removed.

The Velit Wizard is something which is unique to Velit and VelPAK, and is a novel take on depth conversion techniques. The Wizard is designed to be user-friendly but not designed to compromise on power or utility, and while it is intended to form an introduction to the techniques on offer in this software for the less advanced geophysicist, it is still valued by more advanced project explorers for the fact that it offers understanding, at no expense to its power.

Velit offers so many more advantages for your depth conversion, such as faster uncertainty analysis, a unique “combinations” tool which is designed for cross-validation and method stability, the Petrel Link (which lets you transfer data between Velit and Petrel without using the license) HiDef analysis, as well as improved data visualisation.