Working within the logging industry can be challenging, if not highly competitive. It creates the need for high-performance, high-quality equipment delivered from an experienced supplier. But what should you look for when deciding who supplies your borehole equipment?

Reputation Within The Industry – Ideally you want to work with a company who has years of experience within the field to be able to understand your exact needs. Borehole logging is expensive business and time is money within this kind of industry. You want to be 100% you’re using the right equipment and have the support you need should anything not work as you need it to.

If the company in question have built a reputation as experts then you are likely to be getting better value for money than if you were to go for a cheaper alternative. This is because not only will you be getting more reliable equipment, you’ll be getting the additional advice and support you might require to go along with it.

Well logging specialists with a good reputation are likely to have worked with more companies which can work in your favour. For example, if you only require the logging equipment, a priority for you might be the cost involved in leasing them. Well, a company that’s busy is likely to be able to offer more competitive pricing than a company that doesn’t get so much business.

Multiple Service Assistance – Choosing a supplier that doesn’t limit itself to just one field of logging may also be advisable, just so you can be assured of who you ought to contact in the case that your company expands. Therefore, try and contact a business that can provide a range of services and logging activities they can assist you with.

Can carry out the Work for You – The ultimate kind of assistance would be that the company in question could carry out the logging services directly for you, if you absolutely needed them to. For you this might make all the difference in your decision, offering you that extra reassurance that you have the additional resources if all else fails.