ERC Equipoise are the UK’s leading oil and gas reservoir evaluation firm, and can offer a concise and professional look at the true value of your reserves. Formed of geoscientists, petrophysicists, economists and engineering professionals, ERCE have a history which goes all the way back to the 1970s and have experts which are well versed in all elements of basin analysis, gas reservoir management, field development and production, and of course the economics and the risk analysis pertaining to your prospect is in good hands in addition with ERCE’s firm grasp of oil and gas prices.

You can be assured that ERCE have a comprehensive workflow in order to get the very best estimation of the worth of your prospect – whether it is from the initial exploration and evaluation stages, which require an in depth subsurface evaluation in order to properly identify prospective resources in order to make the initial decision to drill. Getting it right at such a founding stage of course can decide the future of your company, and ERCE have vast experience in a number of prospects, on land and both in water.

ERCE perform a throughout basin analysis, looking at rock physics, seismic processing, will perform a series of seismic interpretations which will reduce uncertainty by a vast level, as well as looking at regional geology, play and fairway analysis, and will properly identify your prospect and provide a full risk report.

ERCE’s work doesn’t end there. They will provide full and comprehensive support with regard to reservoir and cost engineering, and analogue evaluations for potential well deliverability and national development plans. Furthermore, they will prepare cost estimations, so your business will not suffer any surprises along the way. Their economists will provide commercial modelling services in regard to fiscal programmes, and provide a full prospect valuation including tools such as EMV and also EPI modelling.

You can be assured that with ERCE, your prospect is in good hands. From the start to the end ERCE will help and will support your business with prospects, allowing you to get the full, and accurate picture of what your find is worth.