If you have an interest in geology or work in a field that requires understanding the earth’s properties, you have probably heard of borehole logging services. Typically used in the oil and gas industry, borehole logging is an invaluable technique which allows us to determine a range of properties as well as gain vital information from our earth.

To be literal, a borehole is a diameter of earth that has been excavated, this allows equipment to be lowered down to extract data. From level of water content to the amount of minerals in a given area, this technique is ideal for establishing a deeper understanding of a specific location before carrying out any work. For example, if a business is looking to drill, they can save money by using borehole logging results to determine whether sending both time and resources is necessary.

Once the borehole has been excavated, a probe of choice will be lowered in which will send data back up to be logged. This data will allow you to generate accurate results as to whether the area is suitable for whatever application you desire. Normally, complimentary software is used in order to read data and display results in a digestible manner.

From keeping up with global trends to ensuring you are investing your money correctly, borehole logging is a technique that has changed the world. Dating back as far as 2000 years ago, boreholes are definitely an great idea to further your business and add a level of security to your business decisions.

There are companies who specialise in borehole logging equipment that is manufactured to the highest quality. With years of experience, these companies can supply everything from probes to winches. Robertson Geologging are a prime example of a company who are innovative and making ripples in the logging field. With the highest skill and passion, they are definitely a supplier to add to your list.