There are a number of suppliers across the world who supplies all your slimhole logging requirements, from a cable head to a complete logging truck. Technology is forever changing, but there’s one thing that has stayed the same since the Schlumberger Brothers first discovered it many years ago; borehole logging or well logging / wireline logging as it is otherwise known as.

There are a number of borehole logging applications to choose from, all of which we are going to delve a little deeper into below.

Coal Mining

The distinctive chemical and physical properties in coal allow it to be identified fairly easily using geophysical tools: Verticality Probe, Focused Electric, Neutron and Micro-resistivity Imager. Wireline logging borehole can provide varied information that is useful in the assessment of coal deposits; their thickness, true vertical depth and inclusive layers within the seam.


Groundwater monitoring is becoming an increasingly common activity, which is predominantly due to ever increasing concerns over environmental pollution. There are a variety of tools available for contaminants, depending on the amount of information that is required. Some of the applicable tools for Environmental applications that can be used include, but are not exclusive to: Impeller Flowmeter, Electric Log and Dual Induction probes.


Numerous things can have an impact on the location and design of new structures plus their foundations, such as the strength of the rock and the presence of fractures. Wireline logging can provide readings for both, which is especially important in locations where collecting core samples is difficult. How can you estimate the rock strength? This can be done by using measurements derived from sonic and density logs.

Hydrological and Groundwater

Wireline logging of water wells can help to swiftly answer many questions that could otherwise be difficult or costly. There are a number of slim line tools that can be used to investigate the lithology, porosity and permeability of rocks surrounding water well. This also investigates the borehole fluid, its flow and also the characteristics for analysing purposes.