well and slimhole logging

well loggingWhat is Well Logging?

A technique that has been around for years and years, well-logging is an absolutely vital aspect to any drilling effort and is major asset. Here, we take a look at a few of the questions surrounding this old but still popular technique.

The present definition of well logging is any recorded incident of drilling against the deepness of a well that’s findings is recorded on a graph or chart.

This is enabled by the application of several very useful tools that decipher the electrical, acoustic, electromagnetic and radioactive make-up of the surface it’s embedded in.

Whether they are applied to the drill itself or installed beforehand is usually at the liberty of the excavators.

By working closely with logging experts, you can match the necessary
equipment to suit any of your needs. Should you be unsure of which tools and necessary supplements you may need for an upcoming logging operation, contact a premier supplier who will be able to guide you through what is what and reach a conclusion that is good for you and your business.

It’s always worthwhile and constantly advised that you measure the intensity of your operations to help determine which equipment is right for you. In the instance that it’s a fairly low-scale operation, you should not be so frivolous and invest in just what you need.

However, it’s an altogether different story when it comes to a process such as oil and gas logging which requires an excess of manpower, equipment and tools to reach the best possible outcome. Particularly with oil logging, you should always utilise tools that can withstand certain environmental pressures that will degrade and worsen the quality of your products and therefore the practicalities.

The actually term for well logging can vary but the common mistake is that they’re all the same. Granted, there are small differences between variations but it’s vital that you know the difference between slimhole logging and borehole logging and not to forget wireline logging also.

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